Pupil Premium Funding

Working and learning together

What is the Pupil Premium?
The pupil premium is a Government initiative that provides additional money for pupils entitled to free school meals. The premium is provided to support these pupils in their learning in order to reach their potential. The Government does not specify how schools should use this money, but are clear that schools will need to employ strategies and resources that they know will support pupils towards at least good attainment and progress.


This financial year, April 2019 to March 2020, the school received £61,000 in pupil premium funding.
This financial year, April 2018 to March 2019, the school received £57,040 in pupil premium funding.
In the financial year April 2017 to March 2018, the school received £54,320 in pupil premium funding.


How is the Pupil Premium being used at Sarisbury?
We have used our Pupil Premium allocation to fund the following:

  • additional teaching and support staff who provide one to one tuition and intervention groups
  • additional teaching time to undertake pupil conferencing activities
  • the appointment of a children’s and families’ link worker
  • additional resources to support the learning needs of these pupils
  • support for extra-curricular activities and residential visits


How is the impact of the Pupil Premium evaluated?
The school evaluates the impact of this additional support alongside our regular assessment cycle. Evaluation focuses on academic gains and personal development learning; including how pupils’ self-confidence has improved as a consequence of intervention. Recommendations for the following term are then agreed.


What has the impact been so far?
To date, the Pupil Premium has contributed to:

  • increased confidence of pupils in their learning
  • good progress for our vulnerable pupils in reading, writing and maths
  • improved skills in literacy and numeracy in preparation for the next phase in pupils’ learning
  • wider participation in clubs, off-site activities and residential visits


Pupil Premium Funding – more details
Please find below the link to a more detailed report about the use and impact of pupil premium funding at Sarisbury CE Junior School.


Pupil Premium Strategy – November 2019


Pupil Premium Strategy – November 2018


Pupil Premium Strategy – September 2017