Geography at Sarisbury

Working and learning together

At Sarisbury Church of England Junior School, the geography we teach is relevant, meaningful, exciting and challenging. It helps children make sense of the world in which they live and to respect the many cultures present in the world today.

Through geography, children develop a sense of care and responsibility for the immediate location as well as for the wider world; they gain an understanding of environmental issues which are current in today’s society. Through a creative and exciting curriculum, children in geography are encouraged to be brave, confident, original and to take calculated risks.  By using outside locations (field trips), children have the opportunity to ‘touch’ geography through real life and first hand experiences. Each year group incorporates an enquiry into their topic, as it enables children to solve problems, make decisions, investigate and develop their thinking skills.

Geography topics often form significant parts of an overarching learning theme for a year group. Therefore, geography has a high profile in the school and this is continually developing, alongside meaningful cross-curricular links with History, Literacy, Computing and Art.

The school overview is:

Year 3: comparison of Sarisbury Green and Winchester; Wonders of the United Kingdom

Year 4: We are what we do (environmental awareness); Southampton

Year 5: Rivers (including a fieldwork trip to the River Hamble); Europe (depth study about a European country)

Year 6: Oceans of the world; Mexico (depth study of a country in the Americas)


Geography Policy – September 2018

Geography Curriculum Map 2018-19


Click the link below for some fun geography games:

Geography Link