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SJS Eco Team

Working and learning together

Welcome to our ECO Team page. Here you will find all the latest news on Sarisbury’s Eco initiatives.


At Sarisbury Junior School, we believe that sometimes the small things make a big difference. This is why we have an Eco Team.

The Eco Team is made up from a group of children across the year groups, who are passionate about the Environment and the world around us, and agree that if they share their passion for the love of our planet and therefore starts to cut down the waste emissions and carbon footprint of the school, we could start to make a big difference.

Through planning individual projects such as organising an Eco-day, to promoting Eco-Bricks within our classes, the Eco Team has managed to achieve the Bronze award, Silver award and are now determined to achieve the ultimate Green award for Eco-Schools.

2018-2019 Eco-team has just completed this year’s annual review and is in the process of writing our action plan for the academic year. We look forward to sharing all our exciting initiatives with you and encouraging our school and the local community to unite in order to save our beautiful planet.


Waste Week 2019 – 25th to 29th March
Waste week is slowly approaching and we would like you to get as involved as you can! Look out for tips from the Eco-Team next week on how to reduce the amount you waste. Can you plan you packed lunches for next week like this?

Boomerang Bags 2018
Congratulations to Genevieve and our Eco Team who made the headlines on Friday as we launched our Boomerang Bags initiative. A big thank you to the local businesses who have supported us and to the Locks Heath Day Care Centre for their help also. Thank you also to Mrs Hart who has helped get this project off to an excellent start.


Follow the link below to read about in the Portsmouth News:

Portsmouth News Article about SJS Boomerang Bags


The Eco-team have been sorting the crisp packets and cups from the school discos to recycle and drop off to the Plastic Free shop in Warsash.


Bottle ECO Bricks 2019
Thank you for all your Eco-Bricks. The Eco-team have been busy sorting, weighing and doing some quality control and the Eco-bricks will soon be dropped off to the depot! Keep your eyes peeled for our next Eco initiative in the next couple of weeks!

The Eco-Team have been busy spreading awareness of the plastic problem by launching a plastic free poster competition to the whole school. Here are some of our fantastic posters!

The Eco-Team have now posted our winning entries to local businesses such as The Mermaid Cafe and Smart Fish bar, to ask them to display the posters for us to help raise awareness of the plastic problem. We have also asked the businesses to consider the amount of single-use plastic waste they are producing.