Sarisbury's School Council

Working and learning together


The School Council

Sarisbury Junior School has a proactive and effective School Council who are responsible for a number of events and initiatives to make our school a better place to learn. Children are elected by their classmates and work hard to extend the school’s work into the wider community. The School Council are split into smaller teams who lead a variety of different projects throughout the school.

The SJS council played a key part in designing our ‘Sarisbury Learner’ statement that all children strive for at SJS in order to excel in all aspects of the curriculum. They are involved in various projects that help to enhance how they learn and how others learn.

The SJS council are, at present, involved in introducing and promoting a number of school initiatives to improve the atmopshere and facilities at lunchtimes. This has included the introduction of manners mentors, a ‘getting to know you’ assembly for our lunchtime staff and new resources in the dining room to create a five star atmosphere!

Sarisbury is a rights respecting school and the school council have worked hard to write an action plan and introduce new ideas to move the school towards its silver award. SJS successfully achieved bronze during the course of last year.