Withdrawl from School

We are responsible for a child once he/she has entered school premises within the prescribed times.  Because we are conscious of this responsibility, and in the interests of the child’s safety and welfare, the following procedure has been devised:
Parents must send a signed and dated letter to the appropriate class teacher should a child be required to leave school:
            a.         during working hours; or
            b.         during the lunch hour if school meals or sandwiches are normally
                        taken on the premises.
The letter should include details of the time, date and reason for release.  Appointment cards cannot be considered as written requests.
Children will not be released from school unless they are collected by a parent, or other properly authorised person.  Please collect your child from the school office if withdrawal during the school day is required. Please do not remove your child without reference to a member of staff.
If you wish your child to go home for lunch each day, please inform the class teacher and office staff at the beginning of the academic year, and inform us if there is to be a change in these arrangements.