P.E. Kit

Plimsolls, dark shorts, white vest/T shirt (brightly coloured and/or patterned T shirts should not be worn). High fashion clothing is generally inappropriate to School use.
Children are required to wear low-heeled shoes in the interest of safety.  High heeled sling backs are not appropriate in school.   P.E. and sports clothing should be worn only for appropriate physical activities and, for reasons of hygiene, should not be worn for the whole day. 
P.E. kit should be kept in a drawstring bag.  All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.  Due to lack of suitable storage space, large sports bags should not be brought to school.
Children formally representing the school in ‘outside’ activities will be expected to wear full school uniform.  Our school uniform is a key aspect of our sense of community; therefore all children will be encouraged to keep themselves neat and tidy and to take pride in their general appearance.  The co-operation of parents in these matters is appreciated.