Area Served by the School

The River Hamble between the Horse and Jockey at Curdridge and its nearest point to the Brook Lane/Greenaway Lane junction marks the northern and western limits of the area normally served by the School.  The southern limit of the catchment area includes both sides of Greenaway Lane from Brook Lane to the footpath leading north to Peters Road including part of Priory Park, as far East as Campion Close,
Silverweed Court Way, Coultsfoot Drive and Buttercup Way.  The eastern boundary includes Lockswood Road, both sides of Brook Lane to the A27 and both sides of Bridge Road west of its junction with Station road.  The catchment boundary then continues north, skirting west of the Beacon Estate to join Botley Road at the railway bridge adjacent to Swanwick Railway Station and then includes both sides of Botley Road, and its side turnings as far north as the Horse & Jockey.   
(Appeals may be made to the Chairman of Governors and considered by the Governing Body and/or the L.E.A.).
Number on Roll:                    2005 – 2006                 337
Absences:                              2005 – 2006                 4.6% Authorised
                                                                                   0.1% Unauthorised