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Should your child be absent from school for any reason, please send a note to the appropriate class teacher, or contact a  member of the office staff by telephone.  Known medical/dental appointments should be notified in advance. Please contact the school on the first day of absence and update during the week if your child will be absent for a longer period.
In the event of leave of absence for holiday purposes being required, up to TEN SCHOOL days may be granted provided the necessary application form (available from the school office) is completed. Recent legislation regarding school attendance and punctuality of pupils means that Education Welfare Officers are more likely to be involved in investigations and possibly, when the regulations have been contravened, prosecutions.  Although at this school attendance is very good, a few children have difficulty with punctuality in the mornings; any child arriving after 8:45am will marked as ‘late’. Please ensure that your child arrives in the playground between 8.30 am and 8.45 am   each day.  No responsibility for children arriving before 8.30am can be accepted. Teachers are required to record in the register all late arrivals as well as absences (information which is now required by the Department for Education).