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The Staff Team at SJS

Working and learning together

Staff from September 2021

Headteacher: Mr Andrew Stockton

Assistant Head: Mrs Rebecca Paddock
(intervention & inclusion, including SEND)

Class Teachers
3CD   Miss Penny Davies (Year Leader) & Mrs Sue Curran
3GC   Miss Gemma Chambers
3MC   Miss Michelle Cummins & Miss Cerys Williams (SCITT)

3JL    Mr Jonathon Langdon

4DR   Mr Daniel Richards (Year Leader)
4HK   Miss Hannah King & Miss Samantha Marlow (SCITT)
4ML   Miss Molly Lancaster

5PD   Miss Paige Dane (Year Leader)
5CH   Miss Chloe Hedges
5BW   Miss Becky Wigginton

6LH   Mrs Lynn Hart (Year Leader)
6SH   Mrs Sharon Hamblin
6VH   Miss Vicki Harrington

Additional teaching staff to cover class teachers’ leadership, planning, preparation and assessment time are also employed on a part-time basis.
They are:
Mrs Amy Jones
Mrs Naomi Morgan

Mrs Kate Picken
Miss Emma Stevenson
Mrs Pat Townson
Mrs Amy Young

Admin Staff:
Mrs Louise Leon

Mrs Claire Edwards
Mrs Karan Hobin

Learning Support Assistants:
Miss Lorraine Blake
Miss Anna Bolwell

Mrs Emma Bowler
Mrs Tammy Champion
Miss Gina Cooke

Mr Sam Cousen-Peters
Mr Nathan Guy

Miss Phoebe Hedges
Ms Angela Helyar
Ms Amanda Jacobs
Mrs Sasha Matthissen
Ms Zoe Lambe
Mrs Maria Leslie

Mrs Sandra Lewis
Mrs Lindsey Maloney
Mrs Aimee Moore
Mrs Keziah Povey

Mrs Annie Trotman
Mrs Olga Waldron

Ms Sue Wells

Emotional Literacy Support & Home School Link:
Mrs Jane Durnford
Ms Sue Wells

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:
Mrs Jean Glover

Mrs Karen Mattin
Miss Kim Owers
Mrs Karen Sutton
Mrs Lyndy Toy
Mrs Adele Wicks

Site Team:
Mrs Jean Glover
Mrs Rachel Hunt
Mrs Karen Mattin (Site Manager)
Mrs Lyndy Toy