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English at Sarisbury

Working and learning together

At Sarisbury, our aim is to teach children key English skills which allow them to achieve and succeed in all areas of the curriculum.  Through varied and cross-curricular learning experiences, we encourage pupils to become confident speakers, attentive listeners and excellent communicators. Talk and drama activities, which inspire children to learn, are used in all subject areas and children have many opportunities to extend their performance skills through superb musical shows and drama productions.

At Sarisbury, we recognise the importance for every child to be able to read fluently whilst having the opportunity to develop a personal pleasure for reading. In our ever changing world, reading is vital in the access of information both online and from a wide variety of literature. We have a well-stocked and growing library where a huge variety of books can be accessed at any time as well as book corners in every classroom.
Reading is taught through guided sessions three times a week where children complete a cycle of activities including tasks linked to a group book, comprehension based activities or reading for pleasure. Parents, volunteers and staff are all involved in reading sessions across the school with the aim that every child will be heard read at least once every week.

“If you don’t have the time to read, you simply don’t have the time (or tools) to write.” Stephen King
With the introduction of a new curriculum, we have ensured that our writing opportunities are purposeful and varied, and where possible incorporate children’s experiences which add meaning. Children are taught what good writing looks like using a range of examples before building up their understanding of complex sentences structures and layout features. We encourage children to analyse their own writing in order to find good examples as well as areas for development. When children have finished a unit of writing we aim to publish this for a chosen audience whether via our School Blog, on display or for peers.

Everybody learns differently in order to spell accurately. We believe that being able to spell plays a key role in being a good writer and we are working on the development of our Spelling programmes at Sarisbury to ensure that every child has the best possible tool to enable them to apply learnt methods for accurate spelling to personal writing tasks.

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