Design Technology

At Sarisbury CE Junior School, we believe that Design Technology (DT) is vital to the development of all children. With technology changing at an ever-increasing pace, DT plays an important part in helping children to develop an understanding of the 21st century world in which they live. Every invention starts with a simple problem; it is the use of creativity and exploration of materials and everyday objects that allows us to explore the possible answers.

Children are given the opportunity to experience and use a developing range of tools and materials and learn basic skills such as cutting and joining. They have the opportunity to work with textiles, food technology, movements and mechanisms and electrical components, whilst also being taught the need for aesthetic presentation.

Exciting projects range from planning and making a healthy picnic, constructing marble mazes, making mechanical fairground rides, shelters and moving books. Children are given the opportunity to work on their own or as part of a mixed ability team and are taught the importance of evaluating their work and making improvements.

Our food technology room also enables children to have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cooking activities, whilst learning basic skills in food hygiene and preparation.

DT Curriculum Overview 2013

DT in Action at SJS