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Computing at Sarisbury

Working and learning together

At Sarisbury CE Junior School, we believe that computing is a vital skill in a constantly evolving technological society. We therefore aim to provide all children with the opportunity to access a rich source of materials through our ICT/Computing provision. Through a structured and progressive approach to ICT/Computing, we aim to help pupils to become knowledgeable about the nature of information available, gain confidence with the range of technology (such as computers, tablets and digital and video cameras), and develop the ability to communicate and manipulate information independently in a variety of contexts.

Children are taught Computing in 2 key ways. Firstly, they are taught Digital Literacy; the basic skills of how to find out information and how to present it using software such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets.
 We explore all the different skills that can be used in these pieces of software.

Secondly, children are taught Computing through Computer Science; learning about how computers work, through a very exploratory approach. We look at the algorithms (instructions) that are given to computers to help complete a variety of tasks and jobs. These can vary from thinking about how systems such as traffic lights are controlled to creating interactive stories and games. Within this area, we also emphasise the importance of reflection to help ‘debug’ or fix any issues.

Importantly, we use computing across the curriculum as a tool to support and extend teaching and learning. The children are introduced to a wide range of software, hardware and the Internet, which they are encouraged to access easily, safely and responsibly.


Computing Policy – January 2022

SJS Computing Curriculum

Computing Curriculum Map – skills progression

Internet Safety and Digital Media Policy – January 2022

Staff Acceptable Use Policy – January 2022