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SJS Peace Team

Working and learning together

SJS Peace Team 2019

Our aims:
To teach others how to solve their own problems, resulting in less conflict in our school
Enable children to recognise how best to deal with their problems and forgive quickly
To enable 90% of problems to be solved by us, rather than an adult
To improve our schools awareness of the needs of others
Share kindness and offer help where it is needed

What we do:
We will be on duty at lunch times to listen and work through how to solve conflict
We can offer to help the people involved to come to a resolution
We would like to keep track of the types of conflict so we can offer sessions to help you

What you need to do:
Find us first.

Be prepared to want to find a resolution
Please listen to us so we can help
Come to a workshop if you would like to become more confident in solving conflicts