Pupil Achievements

Working and learning together

Congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded the
Headteacher’s Excellent Work Certificate for this year:

Summer 1 Winners 2018

3PD   Bethan Davies
3DR   Daniel Kimber
3ET    Lily Smith
4PD   Tori Grimes
4LH   Sam King
4JL    Elsie Frampton
5SC   Amelia Woodford
5VH  Charles Wood
5AY   Keelan Allen
6SH   Emma Howlett
6HK  Darcey Littlewood
6SM  Andrew Howlett

Spring 2 Winners 2018

3PD   Sophie Coy
3DR   Lewis Milligan
3ET    Charlotte Woolrich
4PD   Scarlett Watson
4LH   Evie Barrett
4JL    Bea Cahill
5SC   Isabelle Cashmore
5VH  Ebony Wrixon
5AY   Isabella Egerton
6SH   Seb Delbridge
6SM  Nick Hillier
6KW  Violet Harris

Spring 1 Winners 2018

3PD   Grace Webber
3DR   Edward Wilson
3ET    Marley Master-Coles
4PD   Rebecca Harrison
4LH   Jacob Povey
4JL    Lexi Hall
5SC   Zoe Chaffin
5VH   Freya Roebuck
5AY   Evelyn Lamb
6SH   James Hanna
6SM  Bradley Coombs
6KW  Charlie Edwards

Autumn 2 Winners 2017

3PD   Nathan French
3DR   Ava Ornsby
3ET    Elodie Burden
4PD   Amy Lovering
4LH   Ottilie Chambert
4JL    Danielle Grobler
5SC   James Ellis
5VH   Jayden Sidhu
5AY   Ellie Baker
6SH   Jordan Whitehead
6CH   Olivia Hendry
6SM  Reuben Turnbull-Sharp

Autumn 1 Winners 2017

3PD   Riley Haysom
3DR   Sophie Le Grice
3ET    Emma Ring
4PD   Lucy Waterer
4LH   Katy Miles
4JL    Sofia Arciszewska
5SC   Isabelle Paget
5VH   Jackson Emery
5AY   Maddison O’Neill
6SH   Charlotte Janes
6CH   Libby Tuck
6SM  William Black