Pupil Achievements at SJS

Working and learning together

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded the Headteacher’s Excellent Work Award.

Spring 2 2019

3KC Isobel Hoyle
3PM Lyla Baker
3PD Jessica Lloyd
4SH Harry Kimble
4LM Eva Wellstead
4DR Freddy Andresier
5MC Austin White
5SC Jessica Collins
5JL Gracie Clarke
6VH Lily James
6LH Seren Hindson
6HK Erin Boles

Spring 1 2019

3PM  Betsy Payne-Clift
3PD  Candle Mmereki
Y  Scott Mildener
4SH  Maisy Smith
4LM  Ray Curzon
4DR  Tyler Ridley
5MC  Izzy Knight
5SC  Chloe Wheeler
5JL   James Bundy
6VH  Isaac Wilson
6LH  Karina Coles
6HK  Starr Ockwell

Autumn 2 2018

3PM  Lauren McCarthy
3PD  Charlotte Cashmere
3AY  Merryn Wealthy
4SH  Charlie Pealin
4LH  Noah Anderson
4DR  Chloe Whitehead
5MC  Ashton Maloney
5SC  Olivia Murray
5JL   Lucia Short
6VH  Erin Walford
6HK  Summer Limburn
6SM Maddie Ashby

Autumn 1 2018

3PM  Holly Littlewood
3PD  Jack Whittingham
3AY  Alice Sandford
4SH  Charlie Coe
4LH  Kacie Jarman
4DR  Millie Hinton
5MC  Emily White
5SC  Charlotte Black
5JL  Summer Ward
6VH  Harry Crookes
6HK  Henry Pealin
6SM  Freddie Wain